at John's passive solar home

Cary, NC


An individual’s investment in clean energy can substantially lower energy bills. Just ask John Argentati, an engineer who designed his own energy efficient, passive solar house.  After the steep price decline for rooftop solar, John decided it would be a good investment. The result? His monthly electric bill dropped from $200 to $9 – 18 times less than he paid previously.  John is also making a positive investment for his entire neighborhood– one that will lower his neighbors’ energy bill today and in the future. If more neighbors adopt clean energy, the fewer power plants utilities have to build, maintain – and recover costs -- from you, the ratepayer.

On investment breakeven point:

They predicted
9 years but I think we’ll do better than that, and our panels are supposed to last 25 years. After that, they’ll still produce energy at 80% efficiency."

John Argentati


"One of our neighbors from down the street came over, saw our setup and the potential for solar, and ended up getting photovoltaic panels installed on his house too."

John Argentati

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